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Naslagwerken Boeken
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対訳聖書 is specifically designed for all Japanese iPhone and iPod Touch users and it is the most powerful and elegantly designed bible tool. It is the only bible application featuring the Dual-bible" view - bibles in different languages show on a single page. It also uniquely support the vertical text layout for natural and comfort reading. The complete list of features are:

- Supported bibles are 口語駅聖書, WEB, BBE, KJV
- Dual-Bible view
- Wallpaper
- Landscape mode
- Auto scrolling
- Inline notes editing
- Adjustable font size
- Shake to next page
- Search phrase highlight
- Quick and easy navigation
- Bookmark
- Email bible verse

Usage Tips:
- Tap and hold the bible verse for 1 second in the read view to add notes/bookmark or email bible verse